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Love Songs (Iliad Lane, #1) Edie Harris

Love Songs (Iliad Lane, #1)

Edie Harris

Kindle Edition
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 About the Book 

AUTHOR NOTE: This title is no longer on sale.Audrina Forsythe is the most in-demand flautist in London, and not only because shes fabulously talented- no, shes on everybodys guest list because of the mysterious masked man determined to woo her with his beautiful singing voice. Audrina has never resented anyone the way she does this arrogant crasher……Except, perhaps, William Whitleigh, the Marquess of Brinburgh. He’s handsome, charming, and entitled, and four years ago grievously hurt the tender feelings of a young, lovestruck Audrina. Now William regrets his actions, but how can he make amends to the young woman who won’t even look his way?When the Masked Musician—along with a bitter, scorned suitor—pushes them together, William sees his chance to make things right. And Audrina starts to realize that the man she considered her bitterest foe may just be the man of her dreams…