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Published October 27th 2008
ISBN : 9781443775342
84 pages
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 About the Book 

PREFACE. THE Sanitary Science Club of the asociation of Cob legirte Alumnz was organized in November, 1883, for the study of home sanitation, Two years were devoted to general study and research before any attempt was made to extend the work beyond the limits of the club. Since that time the material now presented has gradually taken form. The questions have been practically tested by the members of the club in their own homes and by other housekeepers. The questions have also been adopted as the basis of a course in sanitary science offered by the Society to Encourage Studies at Home. The practical sanitary work accamplished by the club, both for themselves and for others, cannot be mentioned in detail. But as an encouragement to the formation of similar clubs, and to the study of the subject, it may be said that the expenditure of time and effort has been amply repaid by positive and satisfactory results. Since its organization the membership of the club has Furnishing Questions .As one of the problems of social and economic science it is begining to receive the attention it may rightIy claim, The wornell of our country should not only follow the discussions which are carried an by sanitary congresses, boards of health, and other authorities, but, by combining theory with practice, as few others can, they should aid in solving the great questions which seriously affect the interests of the home and the family. The object of this manual is to arouse the interest of housekeepers in the sanitary conditions of their homes. The questions are so framed that an affirmative answer implies a satisfactoy arrangement, while the question itself suggests a remedy, if the answer is negative. In thus pointing out the sources of danger, and the ideal standards of sailitation in the perfectly healthful house, the compilers do not intend unnecessarily to alarm or discourage the houscholder. It is their aim to urge the intelligent oversight of thcse matters, and to indicate the points requiring investigation, the methods of examination, and the practical remedies.